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This simple frame is light, easy to build, and roughly the same dimensions as a Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Compact PUZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump (we are working on a version with variable dimensions!). You can use it to help you try out different positions for your pump. To borrow the frame, please email It is available for collection from London SE24 (exact address provided by email). Please also email if you would like to discuss getting hold of your own frame to lend out. For details on assembly and positioning, please see the instructions below (also available as a PDF).

Frame assembly instructions

Frame contents

• 2 x rectangular frames
• 4 x poles
• 1 x screwdriver

(NB The final constructed frame measures 90cm wide x 96cm high x 36cm broad – similar to a Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Compact PUZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump.)

Insert pole

Lay one of the rectangular frames on a level surface (like the ground). Protect the surface if you are worried about scratches!

Insert a pole into one of the corner tubes (until the end of the pole reaches the other side).

Tighten screw

Tighten the screw on the inside of the corner until it holds the pole firmly in place.

Repeat for other poles

Repeat for the remaining three poles. You should now have something that looks like a table lying on its top with the legs pointing upwards.

Attach to other frame

Now lay down the other rectangular frame.

Turn the “table” upside down.

Rotate by 90 degrees

Place each of the pole “legs” into to the corner tubes of the frame on the ground. Tighten the corner screws to hold in place.

You now have the basic outline of the heat pump. We recommend turning it through 90 degrees so the poles you inserted are on the top and bottom. That way when you lift and move it, the corner screws aren’t taking all the weight.


Now you can try out positioning your pump. Remember to check the installation manual for models you are interested in to get an idea of their actual dimensions and the clearance space needed around them. The frame measures 90cm (w) x 96cm (h) x 36cm (b) – similar to a Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Compact PUZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump.

Exact positioning requirements will vary depending on the model you choose and your installer will be able to advise you properly, but here are some points to bear in mind:

  • It will need to go outside your house, ideally right next to it to reduce pipework.
  • It needs to have good air flow around it, so avoid enclosed spaces.
  • Make sure it is somewhere that is easy to access for maintenance.
  • If possible, avoid spaces where the sound might cause disturbance, such as directly outside a bedroom or by a boundary to a neighbour (and try it out with the enclosed speaker!).


Simply loosen the corner screws of the poles you inserted, and pull them away from the rectangular end frames. Please do not unscrew the rectangular frames, or fully remove the corner screws! Use rubber bands to secure the poles.