Pump:champions are heat pump owners who are happy to welcome visitors and demonstrate their pumps. They kindly offer you an opportunity to ask about how it is to live with a heat pump, what the planning and installation process is like, get installer recommendations, and so on. 

We’re currently gauging interest in becoming a pump:champion. We think they can play a really valuable role in helping more people find out about living with heat pumps — and helping tackle climate change. Do you have a heat pump and, if so, are you interested? Email mike@pumpchic.com to find out more.

You can use the map to find your nearest pump:champion. (Please note: the locations shown on the map are general and the the precise address will be shared with you when you arrange a visit.) For the time being, if you are interested in arranging a visit please email mike@pumpchic.com and I will pass your message on.