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In many countries, including the United Kingdom, heat pumps are seen as a big part of reducing our carbon emissions to tackle climate change. They are powered by electricity, which in due course is expected to come from exclusively low carbon sources like renewables and nuclear. They are also highly efficient, because they make use of the heat that is naturally available in the air, ground or water. However, they represent a big change from the gas burning boilers that most of us are used to. The aim of pump:chic is to provide information, tips, and tools to make it easier to imagine what living with a heat pump would be like, and how they can be fitted into your life and home.

At the moment pump:chic is just me, Mike Fell (@mikefsway) — I mainly do energy research at UCL. I also work with others on Should I Bake? (with accompanying Twitter @baking4cast), and the board game Watts The Deal?, as well as some other things. If you have ideas for pump:chic or are interested in contributing, please drop me a line through the above contacts and we can chat!

Twitter: @heatpumpchic

Instagram: @heatpumpchic

Email: mike [at] pumpchic.com